Blue  Moon Valley Farm

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  Blue Moon's Winter Knight of MiddleTree.

Knight is available for stud services.

His call name is Knight and he was a surprise birthday/ Christmas present to my husband.  Knight was born to Middle Tree farm. Here he is 12 weeks old on 1/16/14 and weighs 26 lbs. He is 17 inches tall here.  Knight color is blue sable which is a dilute of black.  You can see his eyes are steel colored or hazel as they change color depending on his mood.  He is MDR1 N/N. Penn Hip 0.27/0.26 I will be posting more pictures of him as he grows.  His blue color is not so visible but will come in more as he gets older.  Sables all seem to get their shading in full by the time they are 3 years old.  He will be standing at stud here and open to all females.

Knights dam is Cedar Creek Bett's First Lady S-s HTAD-1, RAT-N. Penn Hip 0.43  0.33.  Knights sire is Bett's MilddleTreeFarms Sweetbriar JHD, RATM, CGC, CW-SR, CW-Z1, Penn Hip 0.37/0.37 HTAD and JHD are herding titles with AHBA .  Barn hunt titles are RAT.

Knight scored as a dominate alpha in his temperament testing, which is what I was after in a male here.  Since we now have cows and raise pigs I needed a dominate herding dog.  If you have read Sky's bio she was not bought for herding but guarding and hunting and is not a alpha dominate female.  At the time we only had chickens with plans on adding milk goats.  Things changed a bit when BIL moved down and we now have pigs and cows and will have ducks this spring.  So with knowing what I needed I started my search for a male pup that led me to Knight's litter.  My goal for a male besides a dominant alpha was one that would be larger than Sky and have good herding lines and ability.  But beyond all this the male had to be MDR1 N/N since Sky is MDR1 M/N.  I had Knight tested for MDR1 by his breeder when still with his litter.  Since he came back N/N he came home here as he met all my criteria.

When we went to pick up Knight he made a beeline to my husband like he knew he was his owner.  We did get to meet both Dam and Sire and get to see them interact with what litter mates that had not left to their new homes yet.  Knight spent alot of time showing how much he is into rules as he corrected his brothers and sister when he thought they were being naughty.  Knight was and still is the biggest of the litter which is not that unsual for an alpha pup.

We free range here at our place so all we have is perimeter fencing.  After bringing Knight home our cow Pearl to a dislike to him and tried to scare him and dominate him.  She has horns so I stayed between them and chased her off.  Knight came home when he was 10 weeks old and this happened the day after he came home.  The next day I was in bed sick and hubby was taking Knight out and caring for him.  One of these times out he told me that Pearl tried to pull her stunt again but this time Knight barked back and moved her up our driveway past the barn.  Very brave for a young pup.  He has since left the work to Sky and sits back and watches her work.

His introduction to the pig he stayed back from them. He now walks into their pen if we let him which we do not.  He has been ignoring the chickens for the most part and just started to show interest and work them.  My chickens were own the wrong side of the fence. I know Sky has been taken him over there to potty and check to make sure things are OK.  Well, when he saw the chickens over there and Sky no where near he took it on himself to herd them back over to our side of the fence.  I happen to see the whole of it and once he had one small group done he went back for another untill they were all back over.  I have 45 chickens and this was a group of 10.  Chickens do not herd flock like Runner ducks.  Chickens tend to scatter so it make herding them much harder.  Knight kept his cool never chase them and stopped when he thought they were where he wanted them.  After he was done I called him to me for lots of Good boy Praise.
Pictured above is Knight at 7 months. He just weighed in at 61 pounds and is 23 inches tall.  Vet made comment he was the thinnest 61 pounds she has seen. He plays alot with Sky and is herding our cows daily as well as doing property patrols with Sky.
Knight here is nine months old. He is 24+ inches tall and over 65 pounds. His blue shading is starting to come in.

He has been working hard here. He is a big help with my goats. Helping herd them around when I take them for walks to eat. He has also been actively hunting. He made to kills this week alone that we know of and one of those I saw.

He loves going for car rides. but prefers to stay in the car unless Sky is with us, then he is more than happy to go shopping in the store.

We will be breeding Knight to our girl Sky next heat.
Picture above is Knight playing with his half brother and sister from Sky first litter.
Here is Knight helping me tend the goats on an evening walk. He is 11 months old here.

Knight is now 25 inches tall and weighs in now at 70lbs at 15 months. He still has more filling out to do.
Knight at hubbys work. Hubby drives a semi truck and Knight get to join him on the road for vacation from farm after breeding Sky. Here he is at 3 years old.