Blue  Moon Valley Farm

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Our Girl Autumn Sky.

Aka Blue Moon's Autumn Sky of Green Mountain was born Sept 12 2012.  Sky is an English Shepherd which is an American farm dog breed.  Also known as Farm Collies or Old Time Farm Shepherds. They have their own Registry and Club not affliated with any of the Kennel clubs although UKC registers them also.  More information can be found on the ESC site which their is a link in my links section. 

She was one of 12.  I had the privileged of temperament testing her litter.  Of which for my needs on our farm Sky was my pick.  She was not the dominate female, in fact she was the third rank female in the litter.  Which is one reason I picked her.  At this time I was more interested in sound sureness and willingness to work than I was a alpha or dominate female.  I have owned alpha females in the past and for us here and now it was not what I wanted or needed.

What I did want was a great guardian, hunter dog with some herding ability.  Sky's line breeding is on such a dog know from treeing and guarding ability Dunrovin's Ole Shep.  Sky is line bred on him 6 times and is a direct descendent threw her sire.  She has more than lived up to her family name in that she has guarded us from day one that we brought her home and made her first varmint kill when 4 months old.  She started herding when 5 months old. 

Sky is 20" tall at one year and weighs 40lbs.  She is MDR1 m/n.  Penn Hip score is .46 / .45 no DJD  When she was 13 months she passed her AHBA herding ability test part 1.  She will be breed in 2014 spring.  Her hips will be done this winter.  Dam and Sire are OFA GOOD.

I will be documenting our adventures here on the website.  Updates will go on the Blog here but there are pages dedicated to certain areas.  Check out Sky First Year page for all her natural untrained traits she has shown us.  We will be breeding Sky so keep watch for a update and page for that in the near future.

Sky is to be bred this Spring of 14. To reserve a pup please email me or contact me on Face Book.
Below is Sky's Penn Hip rating sheet.  Sky will be bred to Knight's sire. You can find his information on Knights page.