Blue  Moon Valley Farm

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     Blue Moon Valley Farm Made Milk Soap

Welcome to our soap page. Here you will find soap I have  made for sell as we as instructions on how to order custom made for you soap.

I have been making soap for 9 years now.

 Reason is both hubby and I have skin issues. His is he has reaction to most commercial made soap. I and him also have acne.  I am much worse as I have had it all my life.

My first soap were on his request for soap like Gram made which at the time I had to buy ingredients for in the store.  So since hubby grew up on the farm I knew what the recipe was lard and lye.  Easy enough but a bit harsh so I added two more oils to make it a bit more moisturizing.

Years later and now we have our own farm.  My soap is made with our own oils tallow, lard and our own milk goats and cow. I still do a 4 oil soap which I get coconut from my down south friends. ( I grew up in South FL) Last but not least Safflower. I did alot of testing before settling on Safflower.

We have extremely hard water or high PH here.  So I had alot of testing of liquid oils that would work well. I now have a handful of options that work well. Almond, Safflower, Avocado just to name a few.

After my first year I left regular soap to go with milk soap.  I used coconut milk and later cows milk and now goats milk. I am working on a recipe to use all three in a soap. Some other things I have used and do off and on still is salt and coffee grounds.  I do NOT use any colorants at this time only what happens do to the scent I am using. Some scents change the color  golden or dark brown some a light tan. This is dependent on the vanilla in the scent.

I keep it simple and this has been what make the best clean soap with no reaction. My soap has been used by many local but also many out of state all the way to California. 

Soap I make is a flat round that started one because of farm name but also from my first molds I used. I have stayed with this for they are easy to hold for smaller hands like mine. I cut my soap if I am using my soap log mold and these can be done to thickness. My silicone mold is a flat mold makes soap to the thickness 3.5 ounces inch  thick. Soap can be custom scented at buyers request. If I do not have it I will buy it. In this case it will take a month to receive soap as it must cure first here before it is shipped or picked up.

Pictured above is a batch of soap set up to harden. It was pored into this mold and has to set for 24 hours then is unmolded. After that it is set up on curing rack for 4 to 6 weeks. After cure it is ready to be wrap and shipped to buyer.

 Pictured right are four different milk soaps. bottom right is is Dirt be Gone which is a goat milk soap with coffee grounds for scrubbing effect.

Bottom left is Rosemary and Mint goats milk. It is the one pictured above that needs to harden.

Top left is Spring Time think Irish Spring type scent that is made with cows and goats milk.

Top right is Mayan Gold which is done in my column mold so it has that darker center. It was made with coconuts milk.

This is a small sample of what I make and can make on scents.

Our logo for our milk soaps pays honor to our farm name Blue Moon.  The Goats head coming from the cloud bank is our girl  Cherry.

Soaps are weighed at time of curing so most are 3.5 to 4 oz in weight. I have a good variety of scents on hand. These included the three you see plus.. Dragons Blood, Island Dreams, Rose Garden, Fresh and Clean(which is no scent), Cherry Almond, Naga Champa and Bayberry to name a few.

If you have a particular scent you would like I will get it or make it for you. There is no extra charge as long as 3 bars of that scent are bought by you. 

Price per bar is $3.00 this does not include shipping and packaging. Which in most cases will only be $5.00 extra per order. You will know before payment total cost. I do take paypal.  If you wish to place an order just put it threw the contact form below.
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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