Blue  Moon Valley Farm

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Welcome to BMV La Mancha Milk Goat pages.

Kidding is done on both Cherry and Dawn. They both had polled twins one buck one doe each. Does retained buck sold.

Last to kid this year will be Lady Godiva who is out of Dawn and Sven. She is a polled chocolate doe. She is bred to Orion and due in June/July.

For Sale Polled buck Dew. $250.00 with papers. contact me for more information.

          Our herd name is BMV which is short for Blue Moon Valley.
 We are expecting kids in February.  I will be selling doelings or bucklings.  All my goats came from tested Free of Cl, Cae herds this past year. OUR herd tested free of CL and CAE this Year.   All kids will be dam raised also.

Why did I choose La Manchas for my breed of milk goat.  Well, for more than one reason.  One they are the only American breed of milk goat. Two they have sweet quiet temperaments, three they have good sweet milk high in butterfat. Last but not least I just love their heart shaped faces with small ears.

I have planned on milk goats here at our place since we built our home. Since I make our own milk soap and we need land cleared it just made sense to get some milk goats. We have lots of natural forage for goats.  Many things we consider weeds or PIA plants goats just love to eat.  Our 4 + acreas are loaded with wild blackberry, green briars, thistle and poison ivy just to name a few.  We do not like them but goats think they are yummy.  Goats unlike cows browse above ground. They prefer higher up plants like vines and tree leaves, bark ect.  Cows are grazers and prefer pasture to over grown areas. Goats turn over grown areas into pasture while getting rid of troublesome plants. In the case of milk goats we get milk in return as well as more pasture.
The Cherry is bred this year to Oaks Dairy Sven and he is a Polled La Mancha.  He is a chocolate and on the medium size for a La Mancha buck.  He was born 2/27/14 Picture of him was last fall and he is showing our other bucks attention.  Here is Sven pedigree        SVEN     For sold
Picture left is Loco Ladies DC Wild Cherry 7up.  She is from Daisy Creek Dairy.  Her sire is Catwalk Farm Parker Seven ADGA # PL1595837 and Dam is Loco Ladies Wild Yasmine ADGA#  Pl1432074.

Cherry has gopher ears and a nice level topline. She was born 3/9/14.  This picture is of her at 2 yrs old.

Here ADGA pedigree CHERRY
Cherry's doe kid of 2016. Both kids are white . Growing like weeds. They were born New Years day. Doe name is to be BMV Sierra Mist.  She will be disbudded  and tattooed. 4 weeks old here. sold.
Cherry's Polled buck kid of 2016. BMV Mountain Dew. He will be retained. for now. He will be used on Dawn for 2017 kids. 
He is now a proven sire and is for sale.
He sire twins on Dawn both Polled one ch
ocolate buck and one white doe. 

For Sale
Cherry's udder Second freshening. 4 weeks into dam raising the kids. Kids born 1/1/16 this photo taken 1/29/16
This is Cherry's sire * B Catwalk Farm Parker Seven.  Parker Seven dam is out of GCH LUCKY*STAR'S NATURAL RAQUEL *3M  LA 90 VVEE back in 2004.  Parker Seven's sire is *B KASTDEMUR'S SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN
Cherry's dam Loco ladies Wild Yasmin LA 89 VEEV back in 2008.  Not in stance and taken when I picked up Cherry from Daisy Creek Dairy. Cherry was dam raised like Dawn was.  Wild Yasmin is out of *B FORREST-PRIDE TRIXTER'S JOKER LA 87 +EE back in 2002 and SGCH FIR MEADOW SOON TRILLIUM 2*M LA 91 VVEE back in 2006.
Pictured is WooHoo Golden Dawn.  She is from Wish You Well farm home of WooHoo La Manchas. Her sire is *B KickaPoo-Valley Yello Fello ADGA # L 001599647  Dam Fias Co Farm Goldie Jr ADGA # L001320124.

Dawn's dam was 10 years old when she had Dawn.  Her dam Goldie was also from a 9 year old dam. Dawn has gopher ears and a level topline. She was born 3/13/14.  Picture of Dawn taken 1/21/15 11 months old.

Here is Dawn pedigree  DAWN
Dawn had three kids which is what I expected. 2 boys the white one and the black and white one.  The girl is polled closest and a chocolate.  Born Feb 25 2015
Pictured above is Dawn's udder with her white boy kid. This was taken in the late morning after kids were just born.
Dawn's udder 2 weeks after. Dawn freshend with twins one boy and one girl. She also has been hand milked since I have sold her kids. She has been giving a quart+ twice a day.  Dawn had a udder from 4 months on. So I was not surprised to see it so big on her first feshening. This was Dawn's first freshening. Waiting now for second. I did not get a picture of her udder this past 2nd freshening. She was putting out 3/4 gallon and I kept her kids on her till she weaned them. I kept all three of her kids.
Dawn sire as a yearling *B KickaPoo-Valley Yello Mello He LA at 86 VVV as a 2 yr old.
Photo credit Thanks to Alcmene La Manchas.
Pictured is WooHoo Orion our stud. He has a white half belt on one side. I will have better pictures of him soon.  Sire is S-Stock Exchange Odysseus ADGA # L001612354 Dam is Far Out Star Sailor ADGA # L001532948.

He also has gopher ear and a nice level topline. At this time Orion stand at 31 inches tall.  He is friendly well behave buck. He was born on 3/13/14.  Orion pictured at 11 months old in winter coat.

Here is Orion's pedigree  ORION
Orion sire S-Stock Exchange Odysseus as a 2yr old.  He LA in 2014 a 86 VEV as a 2 yr old.
Odysseus was sired by CH Shammys Tu Excel (LA: 90 VEE).  Odysseus dam is
Photo credit Thanks to Alcmene La Manchas.
  Picture of Orion with his dam Far Out Star Sailor. Photo credit and thanks to Woo Hoo La Manchas. Orion was dam raised also. Sailor dam is S-STOCK EXCHANGE E TWINKLE
Star Sailor sire is +*B SGCH FIR MEADOW SOON VALIANT  LA 91 EEE back in 2004
First kids. In the back tan doe by Cherry.  Twins by Dawn boy on the right girl on the left. 2015.  These were sired by Orion.