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Farm update

Posted by [email protected] on August 30, 2016 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Alot has happened. Dawn had three kids in Feb. One polled girl I am keeping two horn boys we wethered. All still here. I sold Cherry's doe kid to a farm just north of us. Cherry is now rebred to Sven our polled buck.

We sold Ruby our angus/jersey cross to a place in Ky. Her boy will be going to auction this next week. Pearl will also be going since we have Dixie and her calf now. Dixie had a heifer and we are calling her Belle. By sell Ruby and Pearl we will be done with milk cows and only have the beef cows. Dixie took after her Hereford sire which is a blessing.

The ducks are breeding great and I have sold many of them. We will be putting 10 in freezer for us this weekend. More later as they get bigger. Dogs will be getting some finally. We had 4 for christmas. 

Not much else to report on. Barn still being finished long story there family problems. We have Pigs now and litter on the ground. Our female sow is Old Spot and sire is Duroc. 14 healthy babies. I will be selling about 10 of them when they are weaned. If you intersted send me a email. You will have to pick up as I can not ship.

All for now hope you are staying cool it has been one real hot summer here.

Happy New Year

Posted by [email protected] on January 14, 2016 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I had the best New Years day present. Cherry gave me twin kids. One Polled buck and one horned doe. Pictures up on La Mancha page. I will be holding on to them for now.

Dawn will have her kids sometime late next month or into March. She is eating really well but do to her body depth is not showing much yet. I am expecting twins at least.

Pearl our holstein/jersey gave birth also to little bull calf that is taking after holstein side.

It has been a bizzy month all said and done. We are butchering also our one stear and couple of pigs while it is so cold.

Happy New Year all.

Just before Christmas

Posted by [email protected] on December 16, 2015 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Ruby had her calf is was a boy black white face. He will be staying here and made a steer.  Cherry our La Mancha is going to have her kids in Jan.

OK so I am going to do a soap page here soon but till then heres the deal. Since we are a farm and grow our own and process our own most of my soap is made from ingredients here. My base is animal oil base of Lard and tallow with coconut and safflower. I use fragrance oil and no colorants except what FO does to soap. Reason is both hubby and I have skin issues which is why I make our soap in the first place. I make round flat bars to go with farm name but also I find they handle better.  My soap is 80% made here on the farm. As a result I sell it cheap compared to other soap makers and I can custom make based on scent. My scrubby soap called Dirt Be Gone is make with coffee grounds.  Bars are in the weight range of 3.5 to 4 oz.  Priced at $3 a bar shipping not included.

On side note related to soap we will have extra lard this year I am sure. I have a couple of orders for it already. Once we know how much I might have more sold. 

Please use conntact form if interesed in any of our kids goats, Soap, puppies or lard.  Thak you and have a great Christmas.

End of year wrap up

Posted by [email protected] on December 7, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

So we are now in Dec. wow has time fly. Ruby are jersey/angus should have her first calf sometime this month. Not sure who will go next month on the cows. Our bull is visiting another farm servicing a friends cows. Lucky guy.

Goat wise we are doing well. Cherry will be having her kids beginning of Feb I am sure maybe a little later in month. Dawn will be March. I am expection twins out of Cherry and she looks it too. Dawn to early to tell but I expect the same twins again.  Contact me for reserving a kid from them.

The ducks have two hatchings both of 7. But we lost a few thanks to the chickens. We have 8 left and we are having duck for Christmas. Looks like we have 4 females and they are up for sale. Contact me for pictures as they are blues with patterns.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

August What????

Posted by [email protected] on August 21, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

OK, weather is wierd do to El Nino. Bucks are in rut early. We have been having mixed hot and cool weather. Which I guess is normal do to El Nino. It is supposed to go threw to February.  We shall see. It messed up our pigs so bad she had no babies. Guess it was just too hot early on for her to carry. So now she is in with Our new Duroc male. Piggies we hope now some time in November.  They take 3 months plus 3 days so we shall see. He is young still so it might be later.

But we will have La Mancha kids in February for sure. Sven has been in with the girls all month long. He is really doing his job. I look forward to seeing what he throws for us. So keep watch around then to see what kids we get. I am taking reservations now and expect not to have spot open after they are born.

We are now waiting on Ruby our half jersey/ Angus cow to give birth to her first. If it is a heifer it will be sold. If a boy it will stay.  I will post on our facebook page and in groups there if we have a girl calf.

Both our Muscovoyes are sitting on eggs. I am so happy and we should see ducklings this next month. I hope it does not get much colder. 

Summers here

Posted by [email protected] on July 10, 2015 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Where has the time gone. Here it is summer already.  We went threw a real hot spell in late spring and the first weeks of summer were cool wet weather.

So much has happened. All goats kids have found their new homes and so have the puppies from Sky and Knight. Next breeding on the goats will be with Sven my Polled La Mancha. I will be holing one polled doe from each doe but all others will be for sale.  Sky's next breeding will be next year to an outside male that is a friend of ours. We are giving Sky a nice long break from puppy raising. So look to fall of 16 for announcement on breeding.

We now have Ducks. Both Muscovy's and Cayuga/Peking. So we will be breeding these this coming year and selling offspring. Muscovy's are blue soild and pied and will be kept pure. My other cayuga/pekin will be mixed since my male is as far as I know. I bought a female pekin to breed to him. So as soon as they are laying I will be offering eggs for saleMuscovy's are older than the others and might be laying this year. I do not expect the other to start till later in year.

We are now waiting on our sow pig to have babies. These will be 3.4 Gloucestershire Old Spot and will be registrable with the GOS club. I will make a page once pigglets arrive.

Our first twins

Posted by [email protected] on March 7, 2015 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, Dawn finally had her kids. Much to my surprise when I went out Thursday Morning. I had been sick on Wed. and did not check her for night feeding. So when I went down to the doe barn on Thurs. morning to see back door open I could not figure out why till I looked down and saw a dark kid. When I got in the barn I saw another dark body under the grain bin.  TWINS boy was I shocked. Both healthy and happy and warm. One boy that I saw first and the girl under the bin. I made sure to check them over and wipe them down on their faces. Got to see them both nurse so all was OK.  So glad we had no problems since both girls are first timers and just under a year. But the reason I bought these two girls was for their genectics. Both of their lines are known for being easy keepers. Guess this proves it right.  Dawn's two are both marked the same black/tan with a little belly white. I am selling the doe and the boy I will too if he is to be left intact and registered. Otherwise he will stay here and be wethered.  We will be disbudding and tattooing everyone this weekend when hubby comes home.

Our First goat kid

Posted by [email protected] on February 22, 2015 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, this morning hubby and I went down to feed and water the goats. To our surprise Cherry had a hoof sticking out. Well, buck put out in outdoor pen and we waited for Dawn to give birth. It was not a long wait and kid was in correct postion. Dawn gave birth to a single doe. She has a back belt and is a little darker than her damEven with our cold temps kid had no problems getting up and going for first drink. We moved the bucks to the shed where the does are going to go once it warms up a bit. But since Cherry kidded in the orignal pen and it has a heat lamp we kept the girls there for now.  I am Not keeping any doe kids. So Cherry's kid will be for sale after weaning and can be reserved. Please check our La Mancha page for more information.

Sky is expecting

Posted by [email protected] on February 13, 2015 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, I just could not tell so I took Sky into the vet for an ultrasound. She confirmed 7 pups with possible more as she could not see under the rib cage. It seems that was what Sky was waiting for as she now really shows where she was not before.

Sky is due the begging of March. We do have openings for this litter. I am expecting some awesome working farm pups. With high agility ability as well as good herding instinct and hunting.

The pups from Sky's last litter are doing great. They are just past six months. 5 are on farms from horse ranch, dairy goat dairy, cow dairy, and two poultry small homesteads. The other two are in active companion homes keeping their families entretained and sharing lots of love.

I am expecting colors to be the same in this litter with Knight.  Sky stamped her pups with her look and some with her color. So far pups are bigger than their dam and I expect that to continue with Knight.  One of my main goals was to increase the stoutness while keeping the agility ability of Sky.  Knight is a great match to her that way. From what I have seen of Sky's first litter with Knight's sire my idea on this breeding was correct.  I have kept all Sky's great traits and added some more herding plus increase bone and size just a bit without loosing agility.  Pups have been showing the parents fast learning ability and that six sense that Sky has shown more than once.

I do have openings for this litter. Please contact me if you wish to get one of these lovely pups.  Sky will Not be bred again until 2017 and that is not for sure at this time as I am going OTR with hubby.  So it could be even later than that.

Goat news

Posted by [email protected] on January 22, 2015 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, since most of my blogging has been about the dogs, this one is on the goats only.

I have La Mancha goats which are now 11 months old.  Two came from same breeder but are from very different lines.  I had been folling both lines for a few years just waiting to get kids from them. It took until this year for us to be ready for goats.

When I was seriously looking to buy I was lucky to find these lines again. Many in dairy goat know of the famous Goldie from Fias CO Farm. Well, her last daughter Goldie JR got sold twice. But as my luck goes I found her new owner and was able to reserve a doeling out of her.  If you know the story Goldie Jr was born when Goldie was 9 years old.  Golden Dawn who is daughter of Goldie Jr was born when Goldie Jr was 10 years old. Those are some nice long lived healthy lines.  Goldie Jr is still alive and retired from breeding.

Orion also came from the same breeder that had Goldie Jr.  But he is mostly SS Stockexchange bloodline. I had always like those lines so jumped at the chance to have an unrelated buck to Golden Dawn aka Dawn.  Orion from day one here had won over my hubby. He is very out going and friendly.  He has been well behaved not jumping on me, although he is always looking for rubs. Hubby grew up with cows and can not believe how you can keep bucks so close to does without problems.  Both Dawn and Orion came from Woo Hoo La Manchas.

Cherry came from another breeder that I had talk with in the past. I was refered to her when first looking into La Mancha's as a breed.  That was back in 06. Yes, it took us a long time to get ready for goats here. Cherry has some of the top bloodlines in her up close. Her sire is Catwalk Farm Parker Seven who is from KASTDEMUR'S SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN and LUCKY*STAR'S NATURAL RAQUEL on the sire side.  Her dam is  LOCO LADIES WILD YASMIN who is from  FORREST-PRIDE TRIXTER'S JOKER and FIR MEADOW SOON TRILLIUMCherry came from Daisy Creek La Manchas. 

I am expecting kids from Orion on both does. I will be selling the does and keeping the bucks as wethers here. Keep watch on the goat page here for updates.  I am on Facebook and have the Tn Dairy Goat Chat group. It is only for those with dairy goats in the state. But I will be posting in some of the goat sales groups when it is time.

Also I have another buck I am waiting on tranfer papers on. He is a polled chocolate La Mancha.  Sven is from Oaks Dairy in KY. He was born 2/27/14. Sven sire is Woo Hoo's Riccochet who is out of Possum Hollow King Midas and Far out Trixie. Sven dam is Oaks Dairy Strawberry Blast who is out of The Vladimir's Revolt and Ky-Babes BB Chloe.  Sven will be used for breeding next year.