Blue  Moon Valley Farm

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Who We Are

At Blue Moon Valley Farm, we are a small family farm and growing our own food naturally.  We raise chickens, pigs and Jersey cows.  Our English Shepherds work on the farm herding, guarding livestock. and hunting vermin that get in feed.

Tom my husband grew up on his family's 300 acre farm up in PA. He raise milk cows and pigs, as the food to feed them.  I grew up on a island off the tip of South Florida.  Father taught me how to garden organically and to make our own animal wet food.  I am a professional pet groomer, dog trainer and vet tech.  I owned my own animal care business for 15 years. In which I care and trained and or treated every thing from rodents to wolf hybrids.  I have bred cats, dogs and tropical fish for years. I am now breeding chickens, our English Shepherd and I make our homemade soap.  Since hubby is on the road his brother works here on our farm.  He is in charge of the gardens and field for raising feed for the animals. As well as fencing, building work and cos and pigs.

 Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There‚Äôs much more to come!

Why Us?

Our animals are our first priority.  They are fed as natural a diet as we can give them.  We do NOT use any chemicals on our property.  Livestock are used for bug control, fertilizer and food.  We grow alot of our own garden food and animal feed also. Nothing goes to waste it is all used someway.  One reason I make soap is to put the oils and fats from processing to good use.
If you have any questions regarding anything that we do, be it training, breeding, animal care or soap making please feel free to contact me.